Lifestyle Integration Architecture

Our process is simple. Our design philosophy is based upon a common theme. We call it ‘Lifestyle Integration Architecture’.

You’re not building a house. You’re building a home.
At Peha & Associates, our focus begins and ends with one primary goal ~ to design a home that uniquely reflects our client’s individuality. A design that affords the proper space, flow and architecture in a way which truly enhances lifestyle, taste, and personality, all within a planned budget.

During our exploration phase, our client interview process is geared toward gaining a deep understanding of your personal goals, wants and needs. ‘Lifestyle Integration Architecture’ contemplates every aspect of your life, not simply for today, but for years to come. Your vision and aspirations are key ingredients in our design process. The more we understand about you and your lifestyle, the better we are positioned to design a home that delights and satisfies well into the future.

Smart Design
Our design process incorporates every essential detail. Form follows function as we assess lifestyle, plans for the future, size and setting of the property, unique geographical characteristics, and a variety of other considerations as we begin the conceptual process. A home should be as smart as it is beautiful. Peha & Associates implements a design to maximize and enhance each of these important elements. The result creates the basis for the architectural framework that allows us to intelligently move toward the style and design to create the perfect fit .

Aesthetic Evolution
Style is the union of beauty and personality. Our process of incorporating Lifestyle Integration and Smart Design, becomes the basis in the evolution of the Style Phase. Our final interpretation is a distillation of all that we have learned about our client; from our sharing of discussions, thoughts, ideas, inspirations, goals and dreams. Every Peha & Associates home embodies style in the truest sense of the word ~ one that reflects the intricacies and attributes that make it uniquely yours. Function and form in ~ in perfect harmony.