Lifestyle Integration Architecture

Our philosophy of Lifestyle Integration Architecture was inspired through many years of residential home building. More recently, we have extended this same discipline to our commercial projects. At Peha & Associates, we believe each project must reflect the unique attributes and specific utility requirements of the end user.

The wide range of proposed uses, incumbent with most commercial projects, require forethought and ‘possibility’ thinking, to create a space with the potential to be a true asset for future stakeholders. We work together with the owner(s), and when appropriate, future tenants, in conceptualizing the best possible design environment, not only for the business owner and employees, but to assure an enhanced experience for their customers as well.

Thinking Green
A critical focus within all of our projects, is an effort to keep the environmental footprint to a minimum. Whenever possible, we use environmental design principals, offering materialoptions which promote sustainable resources, and energy efficient appointments to keep utility bills as low as possible.